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Nov 4, 2012 7:00pm PST
, that's theatrics. >> let me go on and ask you another question. >> no, it's my turn. >> evan bayh: eventually, someone has to say, "enough already. stop. we're going to try and do better than this." >> kroft: former indiana senator evan bayh, another moderate, gave up his safe democratic seat and a promising senate career two years ago. his father, birch bayh, had also been a u.s. senator, and he grew up around the institution when it was a more collegial and less partisan place. the two-time governor and one time democratic presidential aspirant said he became disillusioned with the senate when "brain-dead ideology" began to take precedence over "principled compromise." >> bayh: everything is so short- term politically tactical. it's all, "how do we win the next vote? how do we, you know, win the next news cycle? how do we win the next election?" >> kroft: bayh told us he particularly disliked going to the weekly senate democratic caucus lunches. >> bayh: and a lot of those lunches are about, "okay, we're a team. we got to stick together. we got to beat the daylights out of the o
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Nov 11, 2012 6:00pm EST
the sunday group. bill kristol of "the weekly standard." former senator evan bayh. syndicated radio talk show host laura ingraham. and kirsten powers from daily beast website. what are the chances, realistic chances that the president could work with the republicans in a second term to solve the nation's problems? >> there is a very good chance he will pass major consequencial legislation in the second term. people won't like it that much. republicans will have to give in, much more than they think hecht won re-election. four presidents in the last century won more than 50% of the vote twice. roosevelit pains me to say that. the president is in good shape. republicans in the house will get some concessions and compromises but there will be a big budget deal next year, obama type deal more than pro-ryan deal. elections have consequences. >> chris: let me ask you about that, senator bayh. you heard congressman price say no, the country voted for divided government. they gave him a mandate and gave house republicans a mandate. moderate democrat yourself, what do you think is the key to
Nov 13, 2012 7:00am EST
c.i.a. then former senator evan bayh on the fiscal cliff. then senior editor of foreign policy magazine will be on. ♪ host: good morning, welcome to "washington journal." the fbi investigation that led to the resignation of general david petraeus has expanded to general john allen. the impact of all this on the intelligence community and national security will be part of several hearings on capitol hill later this week. lawmakers return to washington today amid a shake-up of the president obama national security team, facing the looming issue of the so-called fiscal cliff. that is where we want to begin today this morning. president obama will meet later on with labor leaders who are insisting that the president not compromise on cuts to medicare and social security. what is your take on this? avoiding this -- avoiding the fiscal cliff? host: remember, you can send us a clear message, post your comments on facebook, or send us an e-mail, courtesy of the newseum, washington, front page of that newspaper and many of the newspapers this morning, including "th
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Nov 11, 2012 6:00pm PST
sunday group bill kristol of the weekly standard. former senator evan bayh talk show host laura ingram and kirsten powers from the daily beast web site. what are the realistic changes they can work with republicans in the second term to solve the nation's problems. >> you will have major xri indications in the second term. i think republicans will have to give in much more than they think. they won the election. they won 50 percent of the vote twice. vose velroosevelt eisenhower an obama. democrats think the president is in good shape republicans in the house be able to get some concessions and compromises. but i think there will be a big budget deal next year. it will be a paul ryan budget deal. elections have consequences. >> you heard him say no the country voted for divided they gave house republicans a mandate. as a moderate democrat yourself what do you think is the key to how obama finds a way to work with the gop and not just senator two more years of gridlock. >> i have been as pessimistic about gridlock in washington. like bill i am some what modestly on the miss thies
Nov 30, 2012 7:00am PST
there yet. also pockets in the east bayh round mount diablo. walnut creek. things are filling in with a general rain. steady rain from berkeley, oakland, then into marin but picking up, 101 corridor and then over toward parts of son nah, napa, look what's off shore. there is just a ton of moisture that has to work toward us. we will talk about that . >> thank you. we have that flash flood warning in effect for sonoma county until nine. be aware of that and a lot of parts of the north bay and east bay and santa cruz area getting a lot of rain. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. it's a little foggy. in san francisco a look at 101 shows traffic moving well. we have a high wind advisory on the bay bridge. it's 7:03. we will head out to c hugey dine who is monitoring an accident in livermore. >> reporter: it's a mess out here. interstate 580 hasn't been a great place to be. four accidents, this one may take a while. take a look at this tractor trailer and what happened to it. the second half of the trailer flipped over. they called in two tow trucks to try to figure out how to fl
Nov 28, 2012 9:00pm PST
change. we started to pick up moisture across the coastline and more rain moves in bayh 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. when all is said and done the rainfall totals are impressive. i'll be back with the details on that. applause look what concerns we have is flooding, advisories and warnings. >> dan: this is what today's rain looked like in mill valley. cars that were parked at park and ride at 101 were sitting in water because of the downpour. pg&e crews have been busy with scattered power outages. some trees were knocked down this one. this from martinez, brown street there were problems there as you can see. >> on highway 17 this morning the fog was show thick it was hard to see the cars on the road. more on that from reporter karina rusk. >> reporter: the fog and heavy rain on highway 17 was so treacherous this morning, some drivers decided to wait it out. >> because the rain is heavy. and hillside especially. >> chp is trying to minimize problems by running traffic breaks to keep cars going at a slow and steady pace. >> driving too fast and braking time is increased. >> in the heart of
Nov 16, 2012 4:00pm PST
onto the welfare bill sponsored by conservative democrats carper and bayh, clinton did just that. james: we had kept trying to educate her, telling her this is not a good idea, that bill is not the place that you want to be. but she still went along and negotiated with them and signed on to this bill. as a result of that, people in new york were furious and decided they're going to just lash into her and, you know, take it to a different level. poussaint: so on may 21st, ladon worked with grassroots groups to bring 200 leaders to d.c. to demand that clinton stop waffling on welfare. james: you know, we took waffles, which we waved, and we sang and we chanted and we protested outside her house, demanding that she take a position. poussaint: meetings with senator clinton had not persuaded her, so the national campaign felt an unannounced house call was their last best option. james: this is a means of getting attention. folks that are impoverished don't have the big bucks that some of these corporations have to put into campaigns. they have their vote, they have their voice, and th
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Nov 13, 2012 12:00am EST
bayh joining us on the same topic. senator, you spent enough time in d.c. to know how these things work. you saidrecently the appearance of trying to negotiate across the aisle is now perceived as betrayal of your own party rather than trying to work together. so howo you think this is going to play out? >> melissa, i'm as pessimistic as anybod about dysfunction and gridlock in washington but i do think there is some reason to be cautusly optimistic here. i agree with a fair amount of what senator vitter jt said. i think the president having been reelected will be more willing to take on entitlement reform. doesn't have to worry about offending his base so much. the fact he is elected the republicans don't have to focus on trying to defeat him quite so much and i think he will be interested in his legacy. he has to get this de otherwise it haags over everythinghe next four yes. you look over that, i think there is window of opportunity next six months to hammer out some difficult, don't get me wrong, a lot of brinkmanship, right to the 11th hour but actually make some major progress on
Nov 12, 2012 2:00am PST
election have consequences. >> chris: let me asks about that, senator bayh, the country voted for divided government and gave him a mandate and, house republicans a mandate and as a moderate democrat what is dhee to how obama finds a way -- the key to how obama finds to way to work with the g.o.p. and not have two more years of gridlock. >> the president needs to move to the middle, particularly on fiscal issues and i have been as pessimistic as anybody about gridlock in washington but i am modestly optimistic here. the president has more flexibility to stand up to his base on things liken entitlement reform and mitch mcconnell said the priority was that he be a one term president and that is off the table and the president will think of his legacy, getting things done and not just staking out positions and the republicans need to keep in mind they lost voters. and, the president way be willing to have spending reductions versus tax increases and a pro-growth tax reform package, you can get something done there. >> chris: laura, presidents' second terms are notoriously difficult a
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Nov 6, 2012 3:00am PST
bayh with us and talk to them about the democratic leading state. could it really go to romney's column? and the clintons, bill clinton was crambled throughout pennsylvania and the obama people were worried. snoall part of the buba bail out. and making pot legal on the ballot but not for medicinal purposes and but we'll tell you why as we roll on. >> brian: they're doing last minute campaigning in ohio. they are bugging people and take a look. >> i ask for your vote and i am about to be the next president of the united states. get out well and vote. >> let's make sure we get everybody out to vote on tuesday . ♪ ure miles to come home for the holidays. that's double miles you can actually use... sadly, their brother's white christmas just got 'blacked out'. [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it? my gift to you! the capital one venture card! for any flight, any time! that's double miles you can actually use! how illuminating. what's in your wallet? let me guess, am i on the naughty list again? ho ho ho! [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life.
Nov 10, 2012 10:00am EST
-- that tradition is people like richard lugar and evan bayh who work together, and whose only focus is on what is right for our country and so i say to all of my fellow hoosier is out there -- this is not about politics, this is not about one party or the other -- our tradition of men and women, a tremendous service ever work, people like richard lugar who gave his heart and soul to this country and the navy, and the mayor of indianapolis and that's the model we have. senator bayh who served as governor and senator and for everyone out there -- i am not going there as one party senator or another, i am going there as your senator to work for your family. i am the hired help and i cannot wait to get to work. thank you so very, very much. i sure appreciate it. [applause] >> now republican challenger richard murdock's concession speech. this is about 5 minutes. [applause] >> >> thank you all for a wonderful round of applause there. i truly appreciate it. obviously when you work hard in campaign, you have speeches in the back of your mind as to what you're going to say and how you're go
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Nov 1, 2012 9:00am EDT
as president. he has been emphasizing his bayh partisanship as governor of massachusetts trying to get swing voters in this race. we have ten battleground states that mitt romney plans to visit between now and tuesday night. he'll include in them pennsylvania and wisconsin, states that had been considered in the obama column that he now thinks he can put on his own. bill: carl cameron in virginia today. thanks. martha: virginia will b mitt romney will be in virginia day. it holds 13 electoral votes. the fight for them is a virtual tie, within the margin of error in virginia. back in 2008 then candidate barack obama beat senator john mccain with 52% of the vote in virginia. president obama's win at that time was notable was virginia had backed republicans in every presidential election from dwight eisenhower in 1952 all the way through george w. bush in 2004 except for the lyndon johnson landslide that happened in 1964. that is your history lesson for virginia. bill: early voting is resuming in maryland, it was su suspended for two days. voters turning out in big numbers, many sayin
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Nov 12, 2012 1:00pm EST
up tonight on "money", former senator evan bayh joins me to discuss if anyone will compromise in congress to deal with the fiscal cliff at 5:00 p.m. eastern here on fox business. even more importantly we have, -- lori rothman on "money.". lori: knew you would say that. melissa: she grave me actually five bucks but don't tell anyone. lori: they said i could talk to you about your book some more. melissa: how nice. lori: so i couldn't resist. tell you it needed more scandal, more gossip. it is a fantastic and fast read. can't wait to tell more about it, with dennis kneale our other partner in crime. >>> jpmorgan leading a push to hire thousands of american veterans. tracy byrnes speaks to the hid of veterans' affairs and now a marine veteran working at a back, next on fox business. i don't know why that is surprising. lori: everyone in the newsroom is talking about "sky fall". tracy byrnes is here. no love connection. tracy: literally, no "love connection." you go wishing you were the bond girl and there was none of that for me. >> a little disappointed. >> what did they have left?
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Nov 1, 2012 9:20am EDT
what bayh is doing and understand she has a job to do. sorry to interrupt. paul rove has an excellent piece, they've used a sampling method from 2008 election and they're over sampling democrats and why the poll is skewing towards president obama, you're laughing. >> i'm laughing, carl raised a billion dollars from the donors. stuart: that's not the point. >> he needs to say i don't think he's right. stuart: he's factually right looking at the turnout in '08 and used as a voting pattern for 2012. >> not all polls. stuart: all right, let's write it down. new york times, gave hard for the obama team put him up 5 points in ohio and karl rove looked specifically at that poll. overpolling, oversampling of democrats skewing the overall result. that's a fact, not an opinion. >> stuart. i've been hearing about the skewed polls for ages and here is the bottom line, every pollster worth their salt and that's most pollster, are not going to skew numbers, nobody will believe them when the numbers don't prove to be accurate. when you look at the polls the way the people's lives depend on it you're
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Nov 5, 2012 6:00am PST
obama's pledge to govern with bold pragmatistm and bayh partisanship. the hopes of those days were unfulfilled. the new york centennial has come out with switches inch terms of their endorsement over to governor romney. let's see what our two friends think about this. steve haze is a weekl writer at "the weekly standard." steve, let me start with you. >> it's interesting. it's certain hraoet case that certainly interesting that we are seeing newspapers twitch from the obama side to the romney side than seeing things go the other way the question is are these newspapers per swaeugd the viewers or reflect being the views of their readers. is it the case that what we are seeing in the editorial page switches is representative of what we might be seeing in the swing states from voters who were obama supporters in 2008 and are not only not going to vote for president obama again but come out and vote for mitt romney. that is the question. martha: you get a big-pick feeling when you read these editorials. i'm reminded of caroline kennedy's editorial backing president obama when he was ru
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Nov 19, 2012 8:00am PST
will join you for a sandwich and we'll see you tomorrow. martha: bayh, everybody. jenna: a fox news alert on new efforts to stop the deadly violence in the mideast. glad you are with us, everybody i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. israel gears up for a ground offensive to combat the deadly hamas rocket attacks it too prefers a diplomatic solution to end the dry sis. all this as the death toll rises to nearly one hundred. israel appears to be stepping up its bombing campaign, launching air strikes at key targets in gaza, one hitting the immediate quarters of the palestinian national security forces causing a huge explosion with thick, black smoke seen over gaza city this morning. but hamas not letting up, firing hundreds and hundreds of rockets into israel over the past few days. 75 just today alone. israel's iron dome an antimissile battery intercepting 20 of them. reports today that one did hit a school in southern israel. thankfully, though, it was empty at the time. leland vittert live on the israel-gaza border for us now. leland. >> reporter: jon, we were at that school, there
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Nov 4, 2012 11:00am PST
? >> i agree with senator bayh, it can give you political us on. >> it helps when you have great professors like larry too. >> megyn: do you think the republicans pick up any seats? >> they could pick up a seat or two. i actually agree with the senator. we have this a virtually a status quo election in the senate. if governor romney does as well say your prior guests pat thinks he will do and ends up winning, he can pull in with him some republican candidates that are below 50 light now and not likely to win. if he wins a close victory or loses to president obama then i think the democratic senate is going to remain democratic. >> megyn: in indiana, your former state, they made comments about rape, murdock made the comment about f you get rape a gift from god. could he have won this race? how big of a impact do you think those comments are? >> we wouldn't have be having a race. did f dick lugar it was very close before the comments. joe donnelly was ahead by two or three points. mitt romney might have carried our state to pull richard murdock. the bottom has fell out. >> megyn: h
Nov 13, 2012 1:00pm EST
organization. senator bayh, let me begin with the petraeus resignation. what's your reaction? you served on the intelligence committee. >> i -- guest: i did for 10 years. it's a personal tragedy. david petraeus has served our country very capable. >> we are fortunate that the agency we've got a great leadership team. morel has stepped in, very capable individual. others there are capable of stepping in. there are going to be changes in the top rank. it's going to be a time to transition for the agency. it's in good hands. >> did he have to go? did he have to resign? >> i would accept his judgment and the president's about that. my own answer is, yeah. i think he did. there's a lot of chatter out there this was a sex scandal. why is that important these days? my answer to that would be there are a handful of positions in the government, director of the c.i.a. is one, where you can't have someone who is susceptible, in fact that doesn't appear tonight case, is susceptible for the potential of being blackmailed. what if his pair miles per hour had been blackmailed. that takes place all the tim
Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
he? we'll talk to him and see what he has to say. evan bayh or judd gregg, they're able to talk. >> right, when you're on your way out. >> and a couple of big pieces on the economic agenda this morning. weekly jobless claims and international trade at 8:30. also today freddie mac reporting on mortgage interest rates. and in europe, this is big, as well, interest rate decisions from the bank of england and the european central bank. most market participants are expecting the boe will leave rates on hold and make no changes to itses asset purchase program. decision is due at 7:00 eastern time. and then we'll hear from the ecb. draghi and company also seen keeping their right on hold. policymakers are ready to use a new bond purchase program as soon as spain asks for help and draghi will hold his normal news conference at 8:30 eastern time. >> we saw what happened to the market yesterday when he started talk. >> yesterday 2.3. p. >> 25% of the way there. but things could be -- a lot of people that came on later in the day,>> 25% of the way there. but things could be -- a lot of peo
Nov 13, 2012 1:00am EST
from nbc news, i apologize. bam >> former u.s. senator evan bayh discusses about the fiscal cliff. then, the global reaction to president obama's reelection. does your e-mail, phone calls, and tweets, "washington journal wife, tuesday. -- live, tuesday. >> congress is back to mar with the ussr representatives. -- tomorrow with the us house of representatives. also at 2:00, and c-span2, live coverage of the senate as members resumed consideration of the sportsman's bill. congressional leaders go to the white house on friday to meet with president obama about kissell issues. >> i enjoy watching booked tv and the rebroadcasts of various television news programs. coverage of the fence about all of the sound bites and the editing ec on other programs. it gives me an opportunity to consume the news and information and make up my own mind about what is going on. c-span is a great way to get an unfiltered view of the day's events. >> dear kengo is watching c-span on comcast. -- derek hill is watching c-span on comcast. but you as a public service by your television provider. >> in a few moments
Nov 17, 2012 7:00am PST
miss as they move through the area as they push in to the east we have them from the north bayh long the peninsula into south bay. east bay as well and again on the back side of this first storm the second one coming in by this evening. still about 280 miles off shore. how much rain have we seen? impressive in some spots. santa rosa with an inch and two tenths. nearly three tenths in oakland. six tenths for san rafael. for the afternoon, mostly cloudy, maybe a few sprinkles but a lull for afternoon. upper 50s, low 60's for the forecast. it'll be breezia heaved the next storm -- ahead of the next storm and winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. the extended forecast, temperatures staying on the cool side for tomorrow. this storm will move through by tomorrow morning. we will dealing with just a few lingering showers and then are drying out for sunday afternoon. sunday afternoon looks cool but dry and then we are mostly cloudy, temperatures on the cool side with sun in between monday, tuesday and wednesday. back to you. >> all right. we talk about that wet weather, may just mention thel pros fr
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Nov 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
%. and 94% of those who disapprove voted for mitt romney. >> joining us now, evan bayh from indiana. your thoughts on barack obama and his next term in office. >> it's an historic win for the president, obviously. i think it shows over the last 80 years, only 3 incumbent presidents have been defeated. all three had difficult economies. all three were challenged within their own party. president obama didn't face that. mitt romney had to endure a long primary season, that in many ways hobbled him and allowed the president to focus on the fall electionful they did a very, very capable job of that. with regard to the next term, i would expect the president, starting tonight, to reach out to the other party to try to lay the groundwork for bipartisan cooperation. that's not going to be easy as your previous guests have pointed out. the underlying polarization is still there. but we immediately are going to face this fiscal cliff issue that will have to be resolved. i expect there will be a lot of brinksmanship. but the markets will intervene, you could see volatility that will force a c
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)